This Week's Recommendations

This Week's Recommendations

1.       Don't Let the Sexular Culture Leave Women as Also-Rans: Stephen McAlpine tells the story of a woman who was not awarded a prize in an Australian race despite being the first female finisher because of the organizer's attempt to be gender-blind. McAlpine reflects, " If it’s not bad enough that women are constantly the victims of testosterone-laden men off the sporting field, women are now becoming victims on the sporting field of testosterone laden men self-identifying as women.  There’s real anger, but it has to be muted by women, lest the culture warriors who promulgate the Sexular narrative hunt them down."

2.       Five Ways the Bible and Economic Principles are Connected: Shawn Ritenour makes the argument for why and how the Bible influences are understanding of economics.

3.      Why Are Calvinists So Mean?: As a Calvinist myself (although I typically prefer to describe myself with different language because of this very reality), I appreciate Jared Wilson's diagnosis. He concludes, " And if we are frequently charged with treating others in uncharitable ways, the humility necessary to the doctrine ought to produce a humility in its doctrinaires to ask if our lives actually contradict the doctrine we preach with our mouths."

4.      How You Have Been Training Artificial Intelligence for Free: Amazon and Google are two companies who have brilliantly (and perhaps mischievously) been using all sorts of ways to harness what we are already doing for their benefit.

5.      The Weird World of Recycling: Oh man, I've read a handful of articles recently on the realities of recycling that make me so disappointed. Here's to hoping someone can figure out a solution to this issue. 

This Week's Recommendations

This Week's Recommendations

1.     Red Octopus vs. Swimmer Crab: Thanks to Tim Challies for sharing this cool video that ends in an unexpected way.

2.     When Your Child Confesses They’ve Watched Porn: It’s everything a parent fears. How do you react?

3.     Visual Jewish calendar: What are all of the Jewish holidays? And when do they happen? This is a great visual calendar.

4.     Why Shel Silverstein’s Classic The Giving Tree Makes Us Cry: Anthony Ford with a poignant article reflecting on loss and the fact that we can never return to what once was.

5.     The Far Reaching Impact of the TV Dinner: The TV was born out of World War II military rations and has had an enormous impact on women in the workforce and our diet.