Good Friday

8 Ways Holy Week Shapes Our Lives

8 Ways Holy Week Shapes Our Lives

How is your life shaped by Easter week? I mean other than the obligatory 3 pounds that is about to be added to your waistline courtesy of honey baked ham, deviled eggs, and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (if you’re going to put on the weight, it might as well be good… not Peeps or generic jelly beans!)?

It has often been noted that the final week of Jesus’ life takes up a disproportionate amount of the gospel narratives. Approximately a third of the gospel accounts are devoted to the final week of Jesus’ life:

·        8 of 28 chapters in Matthew

·        6 of 16 chapters in Mark

·        5 of 24 chapters in Luke

·        9 of 21 chapters in John

Of the 52 weeks of our year, Holy Week is highlighted and underlined. On this week the other 51 weeks of our year hang, on this week, the other 51 are shaped.

How does the Holy Week shape our lives?

Who Crucified Jesus?

Who Crucified Jesus?

Nearly 2,000 years ago today Jesus hung on the cross. Why was he there? Who put him there? 

Brian Najapfour considered that this week on his blog and I think it is a perfect reflection this Good Friday. 

May our hearts reflect on the greatest sacrifice ever offered and marvel today in brokenness and humility and joy. 

A blessed Good Friday to you, friend,


Who Crucified Jesus? The Romans? The Jews? You and I? Or His Father? 

So, who really killed Jesus?