This week's recommendations

  1. False Teachers and Deadly Doctrines: Tim Challies with a helpful reflection on discerning false teaching.
  2. What Does It Mean to be a Judge? The Answer of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: I found it helpful to read Gorsuch in his own words. 
  3. A Timeline of Black Christianity Before the Civil War: A helpful big picture to reflect on during Black History Month.
  4. How to Motivate by Creating Meaning: David Burkus interviews Scott Mautz on his Radio Free Leader podcast. He reflects on the impact of purpose on our leadership. He says that we aren't motivated by promotion, pay or perks, but rather by a challenge and by the organization's culture.
  5. Soul Depths and Soul Heights by Octavius Winslow: I review an old Puritan book with surprising relevance and encouragement for us today.


Photo credit: Markus Spiske/Unsplash